5-Minute iPadOS Tutorial

Got an iPad? Got OmniFocus? Got 5-minutes?

Here’s your hands-on introduction to Omni Automation.

Use the built-in automation tools in OmniFocus to create a new task for a dentist appointment in two days at 10:30AM.

1) Create a new Task object and store it in a variable.

Create a New Task

task = new Task("Dental Appointment")

2) Add a due date to the task by creating a new Date object and setting its time to be two days (48-hours) from today at 10:30AM. Assign the created date object to be the value of task’s dueDate property.

Create and Assign Due Date

date = new Date().setHours(48 + 10, 30, 0, 0) task.dueDate = new Date(date)

3) Add a Notification to the task to occur one hour before the due date/time.

Add a Notification


4) Add a text note to the created task.

Add a Note

task.note = "Bring insurance card"

5) Assign a tag to the created task. If the tag doesn’t already exist, the script will create it for you.

Assign a Tag

tag = tagNamed("Dental") || new Tag("Dental") task.addTag(tag)

That’s it! You used the built-in Omni Automation scripting support to create a new task in your OmniFocus database.

There’s so much you can automate in OmniFocus — visit: