Plug-Ins: The Action Template Generators

The Action Template Generators provide a simplified way to quickly create a single-file plug-in template customized to your needs.

There is an Action Template Generator for each Omni application.

omnifocus-generator omnigraffle-generator omnioutliner-generator omniplan-generator
OmniFocus OmniGraffle OmniOutliner OmniPlan

To “generate” a plug-in:

1) Simply fill-in the content to be used for the plug-in metadata and choose an input option from the “Input” popup menu:

(⬇ see below ) Template Generator for OmniOutliner


2) To view the generated template in a new browser window, select the “Show Template” button, and a new window displaying the template code will open:


3) Select the “Download” button at the bottom right of the window, to download the generated plug-in template file to your device, ready for you to edit and add your processing code!

Open in Editor

If you are using either Textastic or BBEdit as your script editing application, select their buttons at the bottom right of the initial generator window to open the template directly in those applications for editing.

Get Started

To begin the process of creating a new plug-in, TAP|CLICK one of the Omni Application Tempalte Generator images at the top of this page.