Voice Control for macOS OmniFocus Menu Items


Over 100 of the standard menu items in a single Voice Control property list.

OmniFocus (v3.12, 3.13), U.S. English, macOS (v1.0) 🇺🇸

OmniFocus (v3.12, 3.13), Canadian English, macOS (v1.0) 🇨🇦

OmniFocus (v4.x), macOS English (v1.0)
United States 🇺🇸 · Great Britain 🇬🇧 · Australia 🇦🇺 · Canada 🇨🇦

TO INSTALL this set of Voice Control menu commands for OmniFocus, select the “Import Custom Commands…” menu option from the “Advanced Actions” pop-down menu (the small one with 3-dots “···”) in the Voice Control tab of the Accessibility system preference pane, and then select the downloaded Voice Control commands file in the forthcoming file picker dialog.

The following is a list of the various command strings and their variations.

NOTE: Words within brackets […] are optional.

NOTE: Some commands (*) are omitted in the commands file as they are included in the default macOS Voice Control sets of commands. e.g. “Select All”

IMPORTANT: Always create and store a backup copy of your custom Voice Commands, in addition to keeping backup copies of commands sets files such as this one.

Video: Hands-Free Shopping List
Using Voice Control and the menus of OmniFocus 4 to dictate a new shopping list.

Application Menu

About OmniFocus
“About OmniFocus”

File Menu

New Action
“New Action”
“New Task”
“New [List] Item”
“Add [List] Item”
New Project
“New Project”
New Folder
“New Folder”
New Single-Action List
“New [Single Action] List”
New Tag
“New Tag”
New Window
“[Open] New Window”
New Tab
“[Open] New Tab”
Quick Open…
“Quick Open”
Import OmniOutliner Document…
“Import OmniOutliner Document”
“Import Omni Outliner Document”
Sync Now
“Sync Now”
Show Backup in Finder
“Show Backup in Finder”
Rebuild Database
“Rebuild Database”

Edit Menu

Copy as Link
“Copy as Link”
Copy as TaskPaper
“Copy as TaskPaper”
Deselect All
“Deselect All”
Edit Note
“Edit Note”
Convert to Project
“Convert to Project”
Status ▸ Active
“Status Active”
“Activate This”
“Mark Active”
Status ▸ On Hold
“Status On Hold”
“Put [This] On Hold”
“Place [This] On Hold”
Status ▸ Completed
“Status Completed”
“Complete This”
“Mark Completed”
Status ▸ Dropped
“Status Dropped”
“Drop This”
“Mark Dropped”
Mark Reviewed
“Mark Reviewed”
Add Forecast Tag
“Add Forecast Tag”
Set Flag
“Set Flag”
“Flag This”
Clear Flag
“Clear Flag”
Attach File…
“Attach File”
Add Link…
“Add Link”
Insert Time Stamp ▸ Short Date
“Insert Short Date”
Insert Time Stamp ▸ Short Date and Time
“Insert Short Date and Time”
Insert Time Stamp ▸ Time
“Insert Time”
Insert Time Stamp ▸ Long Date
“Insert Long Date”
Insert Time Stamp ▸ Long Date and Time
“Insert Long Date and Time”
Find ▸ Go to Search Field
“Go to Search Field”
Find ▸ Search Here
“Search Here”
Find ▸ Search Remaining
“Search Remaining”
Find ▸ Search Everything
“Search Everything”

Organize Menu

Clean Up
“Clean Up”
Add Inside
“Add Inside”
Add Outside
“Add Outside”
Move ▸ Move Down
“Move Item Down”
Move ▸ Move Right
“Move Item Right”
Move ▸ Move Up
“Move Item Up”
Move ▸ Move Left
“Move Item Left”
“Out dent”
Sort Once ▸ By Name
“Sort By Name”
Sort Once ▸ By Status
“Sort By Status”
Sort Once ▸ By Date Added
“Sort By Date Added”
Sort Once ▸ By Date Completed
“Sort By Date Completed”
Sort Once ▸ By Date Due
“Sort By Date Due”
“Sort By Due Date”
Sort Once ▸ By Defer Date
“Sort By Defer Date”
“Sort By Deferment Date”
Sort Once ▸ By Date Dropped
“Sort By Date Dropped”

View Menu

Expand All
“Expand All”
Collapse All
“Collapse All”
Expand Items
“Expand Items”
Collapse Items
“Collapse Items”
Expand Item
“Expand Item”
Collapse Item
“Collapse Item”
Show All Notes
“Show All Notes”
Show Note
“Show Note”
Hide All Notes
“Hide All Notes”
Hide Note
“Hide Note”
Stop Focus
Focus Off
Show in Tags
“Show in Tags”
Hide in Tags
“Hide in Tags”
Show Sidebar
“Show [the] Sidebar”
“Open [the] Sidebar”
“Show [the] Side bar”
“Open [the] Side bar”
“Left In”
Hide Sidebar
“Hide [the] Sidebar”
“Close [the] Sidebar”
“Hide [the] Side bar”
“Close [the] Side bar”
“Left Out”
Show Inspector
“Show [the] Inspector”
“Right In”
Hide Inspector
“Hide [the] Inspector”
“Right Out”
Go to Sidebar
“Go to [the] Sidebar”
“Go to [the] Side bar”
Go to Outline
“Go to Outline”
Go to Inspector
“Go to Inspector”
Show View Options
“Show View Options”
Hide View Options
“Hide View Options”
Show Tab Bar
“Show Tab Bar”
Hide Tab Bar
“Hide Tab Bar”
Show All Tabs
“Show All Tabs”
Exit Tab Overview
“Exit [Tab] Overview”
“Exit [Tab] Over view”
Show Toolbar
“Show Toolbar”
“Show [the] Tool bar”
Hide Toolbar
“Hide Toolbar”
“Hide [the] Tool bar”
Customize Toolbar…
“Customize Toolbar”
“Customize [the] Tool bar”
Enter Full Screen
“Enter Full Screen”
Exit Full Screen
“Exit Full Screen”

Perspectives Menu

Show Perspectives
“Show Perspectives”
Hide Perspectives
“Hide Perspectives”
Add Perspective…
“Add Perspective”
“[Show] Inbox [Perspective]”
“[Show] Projects [Perspective]”
“[Show] Tags [Perspective]”
“[Show] Forecast [Perspective]”
“[Show] Flagged [Perspective]”
“[Show] Review [Perspective]”
“[Show] Completed [Perspective]”
“[Show] Changed [Perspective]”
“[Show] Nearby [Perspective]”

Format Menu

Copy Style
“Copy Style”
Paste Style
“Paste Style”
Clear Style
“Clear Style”
Simplify Style
“Simplify Style”
Show Fonts
“Show Fonts”
Hide Fonts
“Hide Fonts”
Show Colors
“Show Colors”
Hide Colors
“Hide Colors”
“[Make] Bigger”
“Increase [Font] Size”
“[Make] Smaller”
“Decrease [Font] Size”

Automation Menu

Show Console
“Show [Automation] Console [Window]”
Clear Console
“Clear [Automation] Console [Window]”
Hide Console
“Close this window”
API Reference
“API Reference”
“Configure [Automation]”

Window Menu

“Zoom [Window]”
Tile Window to Left of Screen
“Tile Window to Left of Screen”
Tile Window to Right of Screen
“Tile Window to Right of Screen”
Replace Tiled Window
“Replace Tiled Window”
Show Previous Tab
“Show Previous Tab”
Show Next Tab
“Show Next Tab”
Move Tab to New Window
“Move Tab to New Window”
Merge All Windows
“Merge All Windows”
Show Quick Entry
“[Show] Quick Entry”
Main Window
“Main Window”
Attachment List
“Attachment List”
Bring All to Front
“Bring All to Front”