Omni Automation and Obsidian

Obsidian is a powerful and extensible knowledge base that works on top of your local folder of plain text files. A knowledge base is a self-generated and maintained library of information about topics and events that are important and relevant to you.

Applications from The Omni Group are designed to enable you to express and use data that is meaningful to you. And since all Omni applications can be automated using the abilities of the built-in Omni Automation APIs, data and objects created by Omni apps can be easily integrated with Obsidian through the Omni Automation plug-ins listed here, each of which take advantage of Obsidian’s extensive connection APIs.

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Omni Automation Plug-Ins

Here are some plug-ins for Omni applications that interact with Obsidian:

Interested in creating Omni Automation plug-ins?

Exporting a linked image of the current OmniGraffle canvas to Obsidian.