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“Omni Automation” is the name of the comprehensive user-controlled automation tools included with the productivity suite of applications from The Omni Group: OmniGraffle, OmniOutliner, OmniPlan, and OmniFocus.

Using the Core JavaScript language, Omni Automation “scripts” offer the same syntax and functionality across all Apple platforms (iOS, iPadOS, and macOS). For example, a JavaScript script written to automate an OmniFocus process will execute the same regardless of which Apple device is hosting the application.

In addition, Omni Automation provides built-in tools for communicating with other Omni and 3rd-party applications, using standard “URL callbacks;” integrated HTTP-Request support for accessing remote sources via RESTful APIs; and the secure storage of credentials.

To maximize portability, Omni Automation scripts can be saved as text-based “Plug-Ins” installable by the user and which may be shared between devices via iCloud and 3rd-party internet storage integration.

And to best enable user-interaction, these plug-in “action” files can present standard application interfaces, like text fields, checkboxes, and menus, to enable the user to provide input to best guide the script as it processes data and automates application features.

Omni Automation is…



The sections linked-to from the navigation overlay menu ( <- top left of this page) and below, contain information and examples regarding all aspects of using and creating Omni Automation scripts and plug-ins. Enjoy!


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