Omni Automation in OmniFocus

omnifocus-ios-256OmniFocus is a personal task manager by the Omni Group for macOS, iOS, and iPadOS. The declared goal of the program is to be able to capture thoughts and ideas into to do lists and managed projects with tasks (actions).

The built-in Omni Automation support in OmniFocus enables you to streamline, customize, and automate your task management workflows — providing tools that make OmniFocus work the way that works best for you.

TAP|CLICK the Plug-in Collection in the navigation sidebar to review and download example OmniFocus plug-ins, or TAP|CLICK The “Big Picture” link to get an overview of how Omni Automation is integrated in OmniFocus, or take a few minutes to try the step-by-step hands-on tutorial.

(above) Use of the Open Chosen Perspective Omni Automation plug-in for OmniFocus.


To begin with, this website offers a step-by-step hands-on tutorial (iPadOS) for learning the basics of Omni Automation support in OmniFocus.

The Omni Group websites for OmniFocus:

3rd-Party OmniFocus Training: